Don’t just hear it from us! Tried and loved by many around the world

“I have run in them at least once a week and have come to the conclusion that these shoes (ZEE 16) are like flippers for swimmers, ‘Fins with a sole’. They can make you run much faster than without them, but only a very fit person could sustain the speed. I run with a running mate who wants to burn them. He is always saying slow down.” – David Gilbert, Podiatrist, Australia

"Just read an article about how MBT's (and other stability shoes are not beneficial for arthritis sufferers. I bought my first pair of MBT sandals in 2005... I have worn out about 7 pairs and currently own 14 pairs of sneakers and sandals. I have arthritis in my feet, specifically my toes and the top of the instep. I cannot wear regular shoes for more than an hour without my feet being in enough pain that I must stay sitting. With my MBT's I can walk, hike, workout in the gym, etc. all day. I call them my magic shoes. I tried another brand once because they were cheaper...awful, awful. I can't speak more highly of your products and do so every opportunity I have. Thank you." - Pamela Pare, AZ, USA

" I am 63 year old nanny, who suffers aches and pains on my foot and knees, a few years ago, there was even a time I couldn't walk without feeling the pain, until a friend told me about this MBT walking shoes, I went to the pharmacy that sells the MBT at Oxford street, and considering my low income I was really adamant to buy one for myself, but as my friend who wears it swears, her foot aches and knees aches were gone, since she started wearing them, I kind of sacrificed half a week of my pay, just so I can get it, and Lo and behold, it helped a lot, I can now walk without limping, I can say it really works."- Pacita De Leon Farinas, London

“After walking in the shoes for 2 weeks i decided it was time to go for a run. Cushioned feel and rocker sole felt great again. Felt as though i was 'flying’. I believe the ZEE 16 is a very good shoe which provides a comfortable ride and one which serves a purpose for its target market. The rocker sole is very effective in reducing 1st MPJ motion & aiding a smooth & effective gait for those who require such properties in a shoe.” – Robert Parish, Podiatrist, Australia

“My introduction to MBT were MBT sandals which I wore on weekends. I am a busy lawyer who is hunched over a computer screen for long hours every day. At the end of the day, my back ached and my muscles felt strained. Wearing the MBT sandals helped me straighten up and relieved much stress on my back. I have since moved beyond the sandals and I now wear MBT sneakers on weekends and MBT shoes for work. The MBT footwear not only helps improve my walking posture, but they give me an added lift to my steps. At the office, I feel refreshed when I return to my computer, even after short walks around the office. At the end of my work days wearing my MBTs, I feel less stress on my back. Thanks, MBT.”  - Kenneth Choy, Hong Kong

" I currently own 4 pair of Afiya tie shoes. I have had Rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years, have all kinds of metatarsal foot issues, bunions, hammertoes...These Afiya shoes are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn." - Mary Jane Vincenzi, USA

“I work as a chef and these shoes have saved my life and my back and my feet and my legs for the last 8 years. I just don't know how I would function without them. I'd like to add, that before I discovered MBT I was suffering terribly from plantar fasciitis and terrible back, leg and foot pain. I work on my feet 10-14 hours a day and I honestly have no idea how I would survive without these shoes. I've tried every other kind of shoes available and I've never been happy with the comfort compared to my MBT. " - Darra Crouch, USA

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to simply thank you for MBT shoes. I developed severe plantar fasciitis 5 years ago while running and continued to struggle with it. I was a manager in Barney's NY up until April and the only way I could continue working was with these shoes. I ended up with 6 pairs. If I don't wear these, I cannot walk. It is as simple as that. The pain ended up causing me to leave my job and explore other opportunities, but I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for these shoes. Countless co-workers at Barney's also ended up wearing these shoes as well since standing/walking on marble floors for decades becomes a challenge. Again, I cannot thank you enough!” - Cheryl Smith Quinn, USA